The President’s Message

Our Esteemed Solution Partners and Colleagues;

In recent years, the congestion in the global economic and political system has also affected our country and region. Although it may seem difficult to say anything about the future; we have always believed in the power of hope, perseverance and work, and we have never lost our faith!

In the days when we laid the foundations of Çapoğlu Group, our country was going through a rough period. But we knew that in order to overcome the darkness, we had to hope, dream, and work stubbornly for our great goals. And so, we did! The most important thing we have to do today is to work consistently!

We will continue to create value for our country and nation with our corporate experience, work ethic, honesty and diligence, to develop our country and region and to bring prosperity to our people. As Çapoğlu Group, we will continue to carry out new sustainable projects with our strong corporate structure that cares about customer satisfaction, adopts quality as the basic principle, believes in value-added production, respects the rights and laws of its employees with sensitivity. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to those who have worked with us shoulder to shoulder, sincerely, and strengthened our family in this process.

Ahmet ÇapoğluThe President