General Manager

Dear Friends and Colleagues;

We live in a spectacular age where mankind has pushed its limits. Although science and technology provide us with great comfort, it brings many challenges as well. For example, having a good education is no longer enough for success. The age we live in also demands knowledge, strong communication, speed, diligence and courage. Therefore, it is necessary to read the world well, to have something new to say about the future, to always be one step ahead, to push the boundaries and never give up!

Çapoğlu Group is a visionary business that attaches importance to innovation, entrepreneurship, quality, sustainability, knowledge and experience. In the light of these principles; with our medium and long-term strategic plans; we will advance our goals with determination and stability, as well as continue our infrastructure investments and expand our service network. On the one hand, we will expand our customer portfolios while continuing, on the other hand, to offer effective solutions in the sectors we operate in; we will continue to be a long-lasting and active brand. We will work to contribute to the future, prosperity and development of our country and region by working selflessly. I would like to thank everyone who supported us on this path as we move towards our new goals and worked with us selflessly.

Arif ÇapoğluGeneral Manager