Almost half a centuryof experience

Our family company, Çapoğlu Group, of which Ahmet Çapoğlu boldly laid the foundations, carries our success story to future generations with its well-educated second generation Çapoğlu members.

Ahmet Çapoğlu was introduced to the electricity and coil business in 1975 in Of, Trabzon.

Introduction to theDurable Goods Sector

The foundations of Çapoğlu Group were laid by Ahmet Çapoğlu. He founded the durable goods authorized service business of Arçelik – Beko brands, affiliated to Koç Group, in Of.

We Have Steppedinto the Mining Sector

Entering the mining sector, we started mining stones in Of, Trabzon.

We Started to Be Activein the Construction Sector

Entering the construction sector, we started to operate in urban transformation projects in Istanbul.

Introduction to theInformation Technologies Sector

Arif Çapoğlu, a second generation computer engineer, stepped into the Information Technologies sector. He founded his company, which operates in the field of software, education, digital agency and human resources.